Pre-fab Single Family Housing System for Kannustalo Ltd, House Kosketus (Touch)

Tuusula, Finland


’Touch’ is a one-family house intended for industrial manufacture, the prototype of which was displayed at the housing exhibition in 2000 in Tuusula. The design aimed to create a prefabricated house suitable for an urban environment. As it is intended for a four-person family, it was reckoned that a full 140m2 of net space would be needed.

Despite the building’s clearly defined exterior, it has a variety of forms internally. The monopitch roof forms a four-square compact envelope around a series of varied individual outdoor spaces. The tiled roof has glazed portions over the house’s veranda, bedroom balcony, and sauna terrace, bringing light into the middle of the building’s frame. The rooms are grouped around a 1½ -storey open ’farmhouse’ living area, which is centred on a ’kitchen stove’, and comprises a living room, kitchen and a dining area. Furnishings divide these into zones within a unified area of varying height.

The house is made from large prefabricated units, which are assembled and surface finished at the factory.