Schönbühl Housing Area

Lucerne, Switzerland


Housing area and extension for a shopping center

The project is located in the southern part of Lucerne in Schönbühl area between Vierwaldstätter See and Pilatus mountain.

A high-rise apartment building by Alvar Aalto and adjacent shopping center by Alfred Roth, both completed in 1967 create a landmark for this suburb.

The same client as with Aalto and Roth organized a limited competition for the yet unbuilt sites around the center and an extention for the shopping mall in 2001. Our entry won the first prize.

The competition project consisted of 3 - 5 story high cross-like apartment blocks located on the sites according to a systematic grid. The extension for the mall was lifted above the parking and service areas to match the roof level of the existing building (see 'projects').

During the next phases of the design the overall plan was elaborated and the concept of apartment buildings was altered. Instead of having a cross shape the blocks are now made of two parallel wings with a glazed stair in-between.

Finally the shopping mall extension was cancelled and preliminary designs were made for a housing unit on the same area.

The project included also a house for the client in the northern part of the area. There has been designed two versions for it; the first concept for the competition and the latest one with a revised program.

The local juridical processes will be over during 2006 and the construction may commence in 2007.